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A Ray of Light

Three creative Naenae College students, Jasmine Kilepoa, Apiya Kim and Lina Patricia I’u have recorded a story to celebrate the journey into HighLight: Carnival of Light 2019.

The year 13 drama students saw an opportunity to turn the bus trip from Naenae to HighLight: Carnival of Lights into an experience by recording a story and playing it in a blacked out bus.

The story is about a ray of light, born inside the sun, which travels to the sun’s edge before escaping and becoming a part of us. It was written by Joe Beakley who was working on another project in Naenae.  He then gifted the story to Naenae College Drama students to use for the project.

The story was played on the bus by Jasmine, Apiya and Lina while moving a small ray of light in the darkness through the bus.

“It was a very different from what we would do in school. I liked how the story was given to us to give our ideas, develop it and make our own,” said Jasmine.

“I learned how to improvise on the spot and to think of details that would make the story even better,” said Lina.

“The Story of Light event was fun, but it was really stressful to put together. We read and re-read the script tons of times, trying to perfect the pronunciations and such, and then I had to put together a dark outfit that covered as much of me as possible. But in the end, I got to walk up and down a bus waving a light in people’s faces, which is always fun,” said Apiya.

Neighbourhood Precinct Place Maker, Claire Allen, was proud of the students. “It was a fantastic learning experience for the students who had to pull together an event, outside of school, at short notice. They showed fantastic problem solving skills and we’re hoping that the collaboration with the Naenae College drama department could turn into a regular opportunity for students to share their talents outside of the school environment.”

Two of the three creative Naenae College students

A big thank you to the Naenae Pharmacy for their financial sponsorship of the students to take on this challenge.

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