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Nathan Pohio, Sleeper, 1999, Two-Channel Video
Sleeper by Nathan Pohio,1999

Māori Moving Image: An Open Archive

This autumn The Dowse is exploring how moving images, video, and animation are used by Māori artists.

The show will be curated by Melanie Oliver and Bridget Reweti and feature works by important Māori artists Robert Jahnke, Lisa Reihana, Nathan Pohio and more.  The exhibition will create a place for visitors, and artists to ask questions and talk about Māori moving image works and the meaning they hold.

Oliver said, “This show is about bringing together Māori artists that work in a very specific medium and discovering what commonalities and differences emerge.”

Bridget Reweti who is co-curating the show and is also a multi-disciplinary artist said, “The continuum of te ao Māori means our art and culture is always growing. Currently there is a wide variety of platforms to make te ao Māori visible in everyday life. Within the art world there’s also a growing understanding of the depth of skill and knowledge that exists within our Māori moving image artistic community. This show will take the pulse of this moment in time and invite audiences and artists alike to think about the meanings of these works.”

Māori Moving Image: An Open Archive runs 30 March – 21 July 2019

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