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Tu‘ifonualava Kaivelata – Making & Playing Tongan Fangufangu, Mimiha & Tukipitu

Join artist and musician Tu‘ifonualava Kaivelata in this celebration of Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e Lea Faka-Tonga/Tongan Language Week.

Tu‘ifonualava Kaivelata shares his knowledge and practice of tufunga ngaohi fangufangu, mimiha and tukipitu or the material arts of noseflute, panpipes and stamping tube making.

Immigrating to Tāmaki Makaurau from Kanokupolu, Tongatapu, Tonga in 1986, Tu‘ifonualava has brought together his knowledge and experience as a cabinet maker with his love of music, mastering both the making and playing of a number of Tongan instruments including fangufangu, mimiha and tukipitu.

In March 2016, Tu‘ifonualava led a performance by a group called Fangufangu Mīnoa ‘o Tonga, in which the tukipitu and mimiha he made were performed for the first time in over 200 years. To strengthen the revival of making and playing these instruments, he has set up another group, Hikule‘o ‘o Ono‘aho, with a vision to “showcase, value, and maintain the wealth of our unique Tongan heritage arts of yesterday.”

This event runs as part of Ā Mua: New Lineages of Making, which features projects by more than 20 makers from throughout Aotearoa, to explore and challenge the definition of craft in Aotearoa today.

Tu‘ifonualava Kaivelata – Making & Playing Tongan Fangufangu, Mimiha & Tukipitu
Saturday from 2-3.30pm
Online with Facebook Live –

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