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Fraser Engineering IYM 2019

IYM young women visit Fraser Engineering

During IYM 2019 (7 – 19 July) chosen, participating students wrote articles on their time with some of the awesome companies they visited. Here is the fourth in their series:

Cutting edge technology, detailed designs, international scale, next level engineering and so much more – Fraser Engineering has it all – but that isn’t even the best part! They also operate with an emphasis on encouraging young girls and boys with creative and enthusiastic minds to persevere in engineering.

People have not yet realised how big the range of opportunities on offer in engineering is. As consumers, you only see the top coat, kind of like the final coat of paint, but what you do not realise are all the steps behind it in the creation, such as the primer, material choice, structure/design etc. The range of possible professions in engineering is unbelievable and cover many talents ranging from sales officer who manages the business side, all the way through to the manufacturing crew on the front lines.

As technology and science evolve there is an ever increasing demand on creative minds to come together to help adapt and improve products as well as a huge push for girls to get stuck in. What I found that made Fraser Engineering stand out from other companies is that they encourage and support learning. Most companies do not help young people with the hard yards in the gap between school and learning the skills and starting off in engineering, which prevents many capable minds, mostly female, from persevering.

Fraser Engineering showed me that if you’re a passionate, hard-working, punctual person they are willing to help you out and start off.

A bit about Fraser Engineering: they are a high end business that works with consumers to make the best version of what they envision, and the best example for that would be fire engines. There are many teams and hours spent going into each product and as a business they are always looking for that next step in developing quality, ideas and innovations. It is almost certain that there will be something for you in engineering. It is so important that the people they look for have specific traits such as being innovative, logical, new and that you are passionate and curious about everything you do.

Author: Daisy Waters, Chilton Saint James School

2019 marks the third year of the Innovative Young Minds (IYM) programme. IYM is designed to encourage young women to explore science, technology, engineering, mathematics and high-tech manufacturing. The week-long residential programme is open to female Year 11 and Year 12 students, and runs during the July school holidays each year.

This year, for the first time, IYM is running two sessions:

  • 40 young women are in each week long session, increasing the total attending to 80 for 2019
  • the young women attending come from all around NZ this year, instead of being limited to participants from Wellington region only
  • the first session is in the first week  (7 – 12) and the second session is in the second week (14 – 19) of the July school holidays

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