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Doug Johns and Jonny Calder Stacker Brewer
Doug Jones and Jonny Calder of Front Office

The Stacker Brewer

The Settlement Startup Incubator, supported by Hutt City Council as part of its economic development strategy, provides wrap-around support to new businesses from premises on Jackson Street Petone. Doug and Jonny of Front Office, developing their Stacker Brewer, are one of five companies accepted into the first intake which began on August 1, 2019.

An evolution of the 1st Assembly maker space, this new incubator programme is part of Council’s work to grow science, technology, engineering and high-tech manufacturing capability and businesses in Lower Hutt. Startups will receive a 12-month residency at The Settlement and will have access to coaches, advisors and mentors, as well as specialist workshops and inspirational speakers. 

Mornings can be a tough time of day. However, there are a few simple things that can help you start on the right foot, including a great cup of coffee.

Our company’s purpose is to assist in making mornings that little bit better. So when you say ‘good morning’ you can mean it. So just like we normally do, we’re starting with a coffee.

Our goal is to create a simple and durable coffee maker that anyone can use and get consistent results. It will become an integral part of people’s morning ritual and their go-to coffee maker. The Stacker Brewer shifts the focus to enjoying the act of drinking coffee – sharing one with family or friends or taking a moment yourself. The importance should be what happens over a cup of coffee, not the hassle around making it.

With a combined 25 years in the coffee industry, we’ve seen numerous companies come and go with high-tech products that rattle off huge lists of bells and whistles. However, we believe that what the consumer wants and the industry is missing is simplicity, ease and of course the best tasting mug of joe.

We’ll consider environmental impacts when selecting materials to ensure the product is as sustainable as possible. The coffee industry does generate waste plastics and we’d like to explore how we could potentially turn industry waste into products to sell back into it.

This is a project we have talked about for some time. The Settlement Start-up Incubator has provided us with the opportunity to commit, and focus on our project. We can already see the community and support within the program will allow us to progress and validate our ideas faster.

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