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Louise Marriott-Hanson

Creating a mountain biking haven at Waiu Park

Mountain biking wasn’t necessarily something that Louise Marriott-Hanson thought she’d be interested in, let alone doing, but now she has the mountain biking bug!

She started cycling just over a year ago after not touching a bike of any kind for close to 20 years.

“I gave cycling a shot for fitness and replaced my gym membership with a full suspension trail bike. It’s something I never thought I’d be doing but once I picked it up; I kept going for fun, the social component and, of course, the exercise.”

A Wainuiomata local, Louise is passionate about the local facilities, including Waiu park – a mountain biking joint venture between Hutt City Council and the Wainuiomata Trail Project (WTP).

“Waiu Park is unique thanks to a range of tracks and trails that run through native bush and also a significant wetland area.

It has trails ranging from easy climbs to technical down hills, is mixed use and e-bike friendly. There is even a great selection of beginner and family tracks and a skills area!

Also, it’s constantly growing and getting better. There are a number of exciting developments, like new trails happening this summer, and it’s all on the doorstep of Lower Hutt!”

And Louise has been involved with those developments, taking an interest in the maintenance and administrative side of the park in 2019.

“I think it’s a really neat way to get involved in my community. It began with occasionally helping maintain some of the trails at ‘Dig Days’ and has evolved into considering putting my hand up for a position on the Wainuiomata Trail Project (WTP) Committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) this month.

“I’ve also been working with the WTP Dirt Crew as they have been getting stuck in to working on a trail called Labyrinth. It is a few years since this trail was constructed so we’re trying to give it the love it deserves to keep it riding at its best.

“I enjoy getting a behind the scenes look at the park development; it adds a different layer of appreciation knowing the work that goes in to the trails I ride” says Louise.

If you’d like to be a part of the park’s future, or are just interested in what’s happening in the area, come along to the Wainuiomata Trail Project AGM.

Wainuiomata Trail Project AGM
Pelorus Trust Sportshouse
Wednesday 13 November, 7:30pm.

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