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The Hutt City Council Parks and Gardens Team and DownerNZ stand outside a house with shovels - they look happy.

Helping a family in need

For the last eight years Hutt City Council and Downer NZ have collaborated with Te Omanga Hospice to help a family in need.

At the beginning of this year the two teams got together to weed, trim, mow, plant and mulch the garden of a couple – one of which has been in and out of hospice care.

“Families who have loved ones at the hospice may not have the time or the energy to put the care into the garden that they usually would. It’s easy for a garden to get away on you” said Ecology and Horticulture Advisor, Jonathan Frericks.

Reserves Technical Officer Janine Jones said that it was about using their skills and resources to give back to the community.

“It’s something we can do as a team to help the people who need it” she said.

“We worked on making it as low-maintenance as we could. Mulching prevents weeds from growing back and clearing the paths removes any trip hazards. Tidying up the planter boxes has made a huge difference to the way it looks.”

The team of 11 spent 3 hours working on the garden. Cemeteries manager Shelley Angus said it was comforting for the families to know that it was one less thing to worry about.

“It’s hard at this time of year for people who are unable to be at home with their loved ones. It’s reassuring for the person in the hospice to know that their families and home are being looked after”

The families were nominated by Te Omanga Hospice and teams from Hutt City Council and Downer NZ visit their properties to see what they can do.

Two people from the Hutt City Council Parks and Gardens team and DownerNZ are working to clean the path.
Hutt City Council and Downer NZ work to clear the paths and planter boxes at the property.

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