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Introducing our 2019 Dog Star

The competition, fierce. The competitors, driven. The winner? Fluffy. Who is the HCC Dog star?

For two weeks we have been lucky enough to be the recipients of 355 photos of Lower Hutt dogs. From fluffy and goofy, to sweet and athletic, we’ve umm’d and ahh’d over which would be the next HCC Dog Star.

Until now.

Hutt City Council is pleased to introduce, the winner of the HCC Dog Star competition… Archie!

Archie is a 13 month old Cavalier cross Poodle –  or Cavoodle. His favourite food is Mighty Mix dog biscuits and he loves to munch on a carrot, which is highly entertaining.

His favourite thing to do is go for a walk near the Hutt River and go to Hutt Park to watch the Stop Out Sports Club football teams train and play, hence the cool 1919 academy jersey.

You’ll see more of Archie soon as we roll out our dog registration campaign.

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