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Vicki holding a kangaroo in front of a ute

Joining the call to help injured animals in the Australian bushfires

Council’s senior animal control officer Vicki Harwood, has joined a volunteer team to manage an animal triage, build shelters and restore water supplies.

Hutt City Council’s senior animal control officer, Vicki Harwood, has joined a volunteer team from across New Zealand to help animals caught in the Australian bushfires.

Loaded up with a large amount of donated medical supplies the team is spending their time managing an animal triage, building shelters and restoring water supplies.

Vicki has joined nine others from animal advocate group HUHA, including a vet, vet nurses, a fireman, builders and will be based in the town of Wandandian, south of Sydney, with Wildlife Rescue South Coast. The bushfire passed through two weeks ago – causing widespread damage.

In the blog written to share the two week trip Carolyn, the founder of HUHA, said that the devastation there has been confronting. Their first day involved setting up camp, unloading medical supplies and busily treating Joeys with burns.

“Our builders have identified building projects much to the relief of the property owner. We have enjoyed seeing her smile as the load lessens for her.

“In the few hours we have been here the phone has not stopped ringing with reports of animals starting to surface with terrible injuries. We are going to be very busy.”

Chief Executive of Hutt City Council Jo Miller says she is very pleased to support Vicki especially as she brings a lot of skills and experience to the situation.

“Thank you Vicki and everyone who is supporting our Australian friends in their time of need.”

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