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Share your experiences of Jackson St at the Petone Rotary Fair

The Jackson Street Experience is one of Lower Hutt’s Auaha Evolving Spaces Projects. Kickstarted with funding from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets for People Initiative.

The team working on the project will be at the Petone Rotary Fair on Saturday, 20 February from 10AM-4PM and want to hear your experiences of Jackson Street. Stop by their stall (Block H- Queen to Buick, stall 508) for a chat and lemonade.

They have a few questions they’ll be asking to help  identify the features and attributes of Jackson Street that add the most value to the people that use the street. They would love to meet you and hear from you.

Sharing your experiences gives them an opportunity to see Jackson Street through the eyes that love it most, its residents, its business owners and its visitors. Through the project they can learn more about how to strengthen this love for all to enjoy. Knowing what makes the spaces work well and not so well helps define the opportunities for trying out changes. The Auaha team are building on their understanding of Jackson Street and making sure that all the different groups of people that use it know about the project and have the opportunity to be involved.

At the fair they want to share what they’ve learnt so far from workshops and engagements and check in to see if what they’re hearing is representative of the people that use Jackson Street.  This work will be followed up with surveys from people out and about on Jackson Street.

So far the Auaha team have explored the groups of people that use Jackson Street and identified what people think are the top three things they appreciate about their experience on the street and the three things that may be barriers to enjoying their experience

The project is co-led by Hutt City Council and community and supported by a reference group from the local business community.

Visit for more information and follow their Facebook page for updates and ways to get involved.

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