WelTec graduate named ‘Student of the Year’ at CIBSE ANZ Young Engineering Awards

When Bipin made the move to New Zealand to study WelTec’s Graduate Diploma in Building Services Engineering, little did he know it would lead him to taking out the ‘Student of the Year’ title in this year’s CIBSE ANZ Young Engineering Awards.

Bipin first began his study journey at Mahatma Gandhi University in India with a Bachelor of Technology in Engineering. After completing his four-year degree, he worked as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) projects and planning engineer for four years. Bipin says working in a more practical engineering environment is what sparked his curiosity and drove him to upskill further.

‘I was doing mainly site engineering work and found myself wanting to learn more about the conceptual and design stage of engineering projects, so I found this programme online and enrolled.’

The driving force behind Bipin’s enthusiasm for the built environment is his passion for sustainability and healthy indoor climate. His desire is to deliver sustainable, fit for purpose buildings without compromising indoor air quality and comfort levels, saying ‘this will facilitate a greener planet with a healthier, happier population.’

Flexibility around assignment topics was a huge contributor to Bipin’s success at WelTec. Having the freedom to choose the focus of his assignments meant he could produce meaningful work as a student fed by his passion. Bipin’s final project at WelTec looked at the implications of Passive Housing on urban sustainability and resilience, which he was able to rework for his submission to the CIBSE ANZ Young Engineering Awards, saying he ‘drew inspiration from almost all of the subjects I learned at WelTec.’

But the exciting news doesn’t stop there for Bipin. After graduating from WelTec, he was shoulder tapped by a LinkedIn connection for a fixed-term job opportunity in Auckland. Bipin is now pursuing his new role as a mechanical engineer, responsible for mechanical system design, performing calculations, equipment selection, and ensuring compliance with the building code. Following his huge success, we can’t wait to see where Bipin’s passion and excellence in engineering takes him next.

This story was originally published by Weltec, we’re posting it with their permission. If you liked this story, see more here: whitireiaweltec.ac.nz/news

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