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A tennis ball on a lawn
Whether it's backyard cricket, a BBQ or a spot of sunbathing, our lawns are getting a good work out this summer.

Eco your lawn

Whether it’s backyard cricket, a BBQ or a spot of sunbathing, the lawns of Lower Hutt are getting a good work out this summer.

At this time of year, those grassy green expanses can be high maintenance and guzzle water. Here are some tips for more environmentally-aware lawn care.

  • Sow grass which suits the conditions of your area and will need less maintenance
  • Don’t use poison. Learn to live with a lawn which has some smaller weeds and hand remove large weeds such as dock and dandelion
  • Only water when your lawn shows signs of drought stress and then water deeply. Too frequent over-watering encourages shallow roots and nutrients to be washed away (remember summer water restrictions too)
  • Aerate the lawn with a garden fork to improve lawn health and discourage fungi and moss.
  • Sow more seeds in spring or autumn to thicken up the grass and stop weeds
  • Set your mower high (7-10 cm). Longer grass encourages root growth, enables the system to reach water deeper in the soil and stunts weed growth
  • Feed with an organic fertiliser in spring, mid-summer or autumn for healthy, pest-resistant plants
  • Keep lawn mower blades sharp as dull blades have a tendency to shred grass unevenly and potentially create entryways for disease

You can find tips on some other simple things you can do at home to reduce your environmental impact on our website.

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