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HighLight: Carnival of Lights rubbish bins

Great result for rubbish diversion at HighLight: Carnival of Lights

This year at HighLight: Carnival of Lights the Hutt City Council team enlisted Beyond the Bin to help reduce the amount of waste our event produced.

The results are in and we achieved a 77.91% diversion rate! This result is very impressive, especially for our first attempt. You may be thinking, what does a 77.91% diversion rate actually mean? Well, the long and short of it is, we redirected 77.91% of the rubbish produced at HighLight away from the landfill!

Over the four nights that HighLight ran our bins and volunteers collected a huge 672.2kg of waste! But, from this waste only 148.2kg had to go to the landfill and this was largely from waste purchased offsite and brought onto the event site. The rest of the total waste was made up of 152.5kg comingled recycling, 326.5kg organics waste and 45kg of glass.

This awesome result was achieved by working closely with all our existing onsite cafes and food trucks to ensure they were all using compostable packaging and cutlery, as well as other recyclable plastics for drinks. This organic waste was then taken to local composting facility, Capital Compost, where it will break down and be reused much faster.

Volunteers sorting rubbish and recycling at HighLight: Carnival of Lights
Volunteers sorting rubbish at HighLight: Carnival of Lights

Thanks to all our volunteers for this amazing effort, or vendors for getting on board and everyone that attended for using the cool bins provided! We are already planning how we can better this result again next year in our goal to be a waste free event.

A volunteer ensuring people at HighLight: Carnival of Lights dispose of their rubbish in the correct bins
Volunteers ensured people at HighLight disposed of their rubbish in the correct bins

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