It’s time to hedge the issue

Now that summer is finally here (for most days, anyway) Lower Hutt shrubs and trees have taken advantage of the ideal growing conditions. As a result, the Inspections Team are issuing Notices to Trim under the Public Places Bylaw to property owners.

While all this healthy greenery is great to see around the city, we want everyone to be able to get around – when there’s overhang, it can be difficult for those in our community using mobility scooters and prams to pass.

It can be difficult for drivers to see when reversing out of driveways, or for the visually impaired to get past safely. So, we’d like to encourage property owners to maintain their shrubs and trees back to the property boundary – this should avoid any potential health and safety risks.

Once winter is here, a lot of rain can lead to wet leaves falling from overhanging trees. If these fall onto the footpaths it can become slippery and dangerous.

That’s why now’s the perfect time of year for property owners to trim back their vegetation that has grown over the property boundaries and onto footpaths and access ways. Low hanging tree branches should provide at least 2.5 metres above the level of the footpath or access way. All other greenery should be trimmed back to behind the edge of the footpath. If you get a notice to trim and it’s not your responsibility, don’t worry, you can just pass it on to the property manager.

If you’re concerned about an overgrowth issue in your area, please contact us on 5706666 or report a problem.

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