Hutt City Council Ecology and Horticulture Advisor Jonathan Frericks takes visitors on a recent guided tour of the reserve.

Raising awareness of our native plants at Percy Scenic Reserve

Percy Scenic Reserve is playing a growing role in protecting New Zealand’s native plant species, and people from across the region can see how.

The reserve is home to a nationally significant collection of native plants unique to Aotearoa. For some, people would typically have to travel for many days to see in the wild.

Hutt City Council’s Ecology and Horticulture Advisor Jonathan Frericks is inviting the public to join him on tours of the reserve. Frericks said groups could find out more about native species on their own doorstep in a guided tour.

From some of our rarest native plants, to a unique collection of alpine plants, there is plenty to explore.

A guided tour also gives people an opportunity to learn what we are doing to protect our country’s native and endangered plant life. It doesn’t matter how much you know about plants before the tour, all are welcome.”

Frericks recently did a tour with members of the Wellington Bonsai Club. They commented on how Bonsai practitioners could play a role in safeguarding our native plant life.

The club executive said that the “horticultural principles and science used in the practise of bonsai have application in the propagation and preservation of various of New Zealand’s rare and endangered native plants.”

If you’re part of a group interested in part of a guided tour, email Percy Scenic Reserve. 

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