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Cycling along the Hutt River

Towards Zero Carbon

Last year Hutt City Council made a decision to set itself a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by being energy efficient, making it easier to walk, cycle and use public transport, managing landfills well, and ensuring Lower Hutt has plenty of green space and trees. We’re also looking at ways to help our community reduce emissions right across the city.

A new tool has been developed which lets you model changes within our region in order to forecast our future emissions. Use the calculator to see what choices will have the biggest reduction in emissions.

We’re hoping that by providing this information more people will understand where we’re at in terms of achieving zero carbon and what we can do to help reduce the forecast impacts of climate change.

This tool puts you in charge of the Wellington region by allowing you to adjust things like energy supply and demand, transport, land use and agriculture and more. By adjusting these levers you can see what will have the biggest emissions reductions for our region and individual council areas.

More information about what we’re doing on sustainability and resilience can be found here. And if you would like to try out another helpful tool which estimates your personal carbon footprint go to

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