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Four wheels isn’t the only way

There’s nothing more satisfying than the crisp morning air and for many people, living in Wainuiomata and choosing to travel without using four wheels, they get to enjoy it even more.

Since the opening of Te Hikoi Ararewa (The Wainuiomata Hill Shared Path) in June, thousands of people, like Wainuiomata resident Georgia Mayer, have traversed the hill without their normal four wheels.

“The shared path changed things for me. It’s so smooth and easy to ride on and it makes travelling a breeze. It connects to the mountain bike park too, so if I want to mix fun into my commute I can.

Georgia on her Electric Mountain Bike
Georgia on her Electric Mountain Bike

“With the opening of the Wainuiomata side, I don’t even need to ride on the hill road if I don’t want to. It’s increased my confidence immensely.”

The new 4m wide, off-road, sealed and separated pathway which runs from Gracefield to Wainuiomata provides pedestrians and cyclists safe access up and over the steep and winding Wainuiomata Hill Road.

Council’s General Manager of City and Community Services Matt Reid says active transport is a smart investment.

“When you invest in activity everyone benefits – cyclists, other road-users, the local environment and the economy. Cities around the world are making changes to support cycling as a way to provide people with more transport choices.

“Te Hikoi Ararewa is a great example of how a project like this can benefit a community. It’s already been used by thousands of people, for many different reasons. Not only are the individuals in that community benefitting, the community’s also been made more vibrant and accessible.”

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