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Becky Burrows, her baby and her dog on the recumbent.
Becky Burrows, her baby and her dog on the recumbent.

How we manage life through cycling

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is a fun, free workplace competition to get people to ride a bike for 10 minutes or more. To celebrate its return we interviewed Becky Burrows about why she chooses to ride.

Life is crazy. Working, commuting, having a small child, a dog, finding and maintaining a home. It seems pretty overwhelming and anxiety provoking for people.

How we managed is largely through cycling.

We cut down a 50km (From Wainuiomata) commute to a cost of 17c with free VIP parking in the Wellington CBD due to our self-built electric velomobile. Not to mention the two hours of built-in exercise!

The self-created electric velomobile.
A velomobile is a human-powered vehicle enclosed for aerodynamic advantage and protection from weather and collisions.

As a new mum, I have multi-purposed a 3-wheel recumbent (a type of bicycle designed to be ridden lying almost flat on one’s back) to exercise our sled dog, get fit, get out with my baby, do errands, shopping, and overcome my own anxiety, depression and PTSD.

We also use bikes to come together as a family. It’s amazing how, on a nice summer’s eve, it can feel like you’re on holiday and living a dream life when out riding together. It gives us a moment to connect, relax and recharge. While beautifully transitioning us into our baby’s bedtime routine.

Michael and I are excited to share our story to encourage cycling as a wonderful way to improve overall health and wellbeing for New Zealanders.

This story was originally provided by Acumen and we’re posting it with their permission. Registrations for the Aotearoa Bike Challenge are open now at

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