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280 dogs home for Christmas – update on Doggone trial

Since launching Doggone in July this year 280 dogs were reunited with their families.

17 dogs were marked as wandering on the Doggone App and 97 were marked as lost – all 114 were found.

166 dogs were also reunited using the free 4133 text service.

Alongside the Doggone app, users have Facebooked 19,169 times with 12,937 post likes and 1,106 shares.

4,100 people are part of the mesh network that have the Doggone app on their phones.

Last week we sent out a survey to users of Doggone and this is what they are telling us:

🐕 88% of people found signing up for Doggone straight forward or were undecided.

🐶 84% of people downloaded the Doggone app, 94% found it easy to do so

🐕 94% created a profile on the Doggone app, 85% found it easy to do so

🐶 73% have used the app to check the whereabouts of their dog

🐕 5% have marked their dog as lost

🐶 65% are somewhat likely to very likely to renew the Doggone service as part of their dog registration next year

We asked if you had any issues or potential improvements:

Issues raised by some owners were:

  • Doggy Day Care centres not allowing the tags to be worn,
  • battery usage,
  • tag failure,
  • and better information.

We have discussed the feedback with Doggone and they confirm that this aligns with the feedback that they have received from dog owners.

Doggone are currently working on a software resolution to address issues impacting the tags.  They are also developing a further suite of FAQs to assist with providing guidance for matters such as conserving phone battery.

If you experience any problems with the tag or the app, please contact the Doggone customer services team for assistance at or call 0800 321 111. For owners who have expressed disappointment around the tag, Doggone would like to offer the you the opportunity to receive a tag with updated software. Doggone has also simplified the information going out with the tags and added to the FAQs on the website to reflect feedback from dog owners.

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