Major upgrade proposed for rubbish and recycling

Hutt City Council is seeking feedback from the community on a major upgrade proposed for the city’s rubbish and recycling services. Following community feedback and Council decisions, new services would come into place next July.

Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry says frustrations about Lower Hutt’s rubbish and recycling services is a source of constant feedback from people right across the community.

“People across our city know that our current recycling services are not fit for purpose – and they’re right.  It’s not uncommon to see recycling scattered across our streets on windy days, not to mention the little capacity the current green crates have to accommodate Lower Hutt’s families,” Campbell Barry says.

Under Council’s proposed changes, Lower Hutt households would receive two bins for recycling.  One wheelie bin for mixed recycling, and another wheelie bin/crate for glass recyclables.

“When I became Mayor, I strongly signalled our Council would urgently progress changes to bring our kerbside recycling service into the 21st century.  Many other cities have been offering wheelie bins for recycling for years, and our residents know they have been missing out.”

Hutt City Council is also seeking community feedback about proposed changes to rubbish services, as well as the potential for optional green waste collection.  The four options for rubbish services are:

  • Council provides a fortnightly rubbish bin collection service (rates funded)
  • Council provides a pay-as-you-throw rubbish collection service
  • Council provides a weekly rubbish bin collection service (rates funded)
  • Council no longer offers a rubbish collection service

Mayor Barry says there are a range of factors which have led Council to consult on waste collection services, and in particular its preferred option of providing fortnightly rates-funded waste collection.  This includes environmental, as well as health and safety considerations.

“The options we’re consulting on aim to reduce contamination, reduce waste going to landfill, as well as phasing out hazardous collection of Council rubbish bags.  It would be unwise for us to make these changes and not consider the impact waste collection has on our ability to optimise our recycling services,” Campbell Barry says.

Council’s Chief Executive Jo Miller says that Lower Hutt needs to reset and prioritise a more sustainable financial solution to rubbish and recycling.

“We want to take a system wide approach to rubbish and recycling, and better manage where that rubbish goes. By making our services more effective, we can make our rubbish and recycling collection more environmentally and financially friendly.”

“The targeted rate for this service also hasn’t been reviewed for many years and costs have increased. These changes make a lot of financial sense, and will benefit the ratepayer,” Jo Miller says.

Consultation runs from 16 July to 16 August 2020. People can provide their feedback on proposed changes by heading online to  Alternatively, people can visit a library or hub to pick up a copy of the consultation document.

Feedback will help guide Council’s decision-making in finalising any amendment to the Long Term Plan 2018-2028, which will be adopted in September.

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