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The Customer Services Team: Cathy Reid, Eileen Hughes and Karen Whitford.
Cathy Reid, Eileen Hughes and Karen Whitford.

Meet our Customer Services Team

Did you know that over 100,000 phone calls are answered in the Hutt City Council Contact Centre every year?

If you have a question about anything to do with Council, our Customer Services Team are the best people to find the answer. They have a wealth of knowledge and we rely on them to know who to contact, when to escalate and how to help.

“The Customer Service Team at Hutt City Council work very hard to build their knowledge base. After a while, they become an encyclopedia of Council knowledge. They’re in a unique position as they have oversight of all areas and are often the first to know of something happening in the community,” says Divisional Manager, Customer Services Kaye Maryan.

On top of the calls, the Customer Service Team also processed more than 20,000 emails, and engaged with more than 28,000 customers at the front counter during 2018. And more and more people are choosing to engage with us through Facebook where we have, close to, 15,000 followers.

“We get all kinds of queries, from rates to recycling bins. Occasionally we’ll get a doozy but we’re always guaranteed someone in the team can solve it,” said Team Leader, Customer Services, Karen Whitford.

While many processes can be completed online through our website there are still customers who prefer the ‘human touch’ known in Customer Service circles as a ‘warm body’.

The Customer Service team now has many options for customers to be able to get in touch and the list is growing. Software like RAP (report a problem) can help customers log their requests and there is plenty of information available online.

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