Kerbside recycling to resume under Alert Level 2 across Lower Hutt

Hutt City Council today confirmed that kerbside recycling will resume on Thursday 14 May when New Zealand moves into Alert Level 2.

Since the lockdown Lower Hutt residents have been able to put glass in their recycling crates. In the past three weeks when everyone got on board with the new approach this product was able to be sent to a recycling facility in Auckland. Under Alert Level 2 cardboard, paper, aluminium and tin cans, plastics 1 and 2 only, and glass will be able to be recycled again.

For households across Lower Hutt recycling will be collected on the same day as usual, but only one crate per household will be picked up due to volume constraints. Limiting pick up to crates only will mean that all clean product put out correctly can be recycled and not diverted to landfill which is a risk if the system becomes overloaded.

Community recycling stations remain closed under Alert Level 2. There are a number of reasons for this including the need to limit demand at this time to ensure the recycling facility is not overrun which would result in product being sent to landfill.  Recycling stations are not monitored or staffed which means that we cannot control people using these sites for dumping rubbish. This is a significant issue with contamination rates across all community recycling stations at around 34% and 70% for some individual bins.

“Prior to the lockdown there were also major contamination issues with routine illegal dumping at these stations and rubbish being left there which had to be taken to landfill most of the time. This is not ideal when we are in a business as usual situation, and cannot be tolerated when we are seeking to reduce the spread of viruses like Covid-19,” says Jo Miller Chief Executive Hutt City Council.

A decision will be made later in the month on whether community recycling stations can be re-opened. In the meantime the Earthlink recycling facility at the Silverstream landfill will open on Monday 18 May.

Background information

Refer to Your recycling

For tips on how to better protect the environment by reducing your waste go to

Seaview Transfer Station

The recycling bins at the front of the Seaview Transfer Station will remain closed due to concerns around the amount of recycling that can be managed by the processing centre at this time. The transfer station opened under Alert Level 3.

When will my recycling be collected?

Recycling is collected on the same day as Council rubbish bags, by Waste Management New Zealand.

Make sure your recycling is on the kerbside by 7.30am on collection day in a Council recycling bin.

How do I pack my recycling bin?

For the best use of space, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Put glass loose in the bottom of your green bin.
  2. Bundle newspapers, cardboard and advertising mail with string, or pack them tightly so they don’t blow out.
  3. Wash, but don’t squash plastic containers, aluminium cans, and steel cans.

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