Update on the Knights Road Connection trial

Hundreds of people provided feedback on a trial of a new road layout in Knights Road – and as a result we’re now planning a second trial with an amended layout.

We’re aiming to find a road layout that creates safer journeys for all modes of transport on this key connecting route, while making sure the road continues to work well for all the different services and road users.

During March we installed a temporary pathway from Willoughby to Waterloo, so cyclists and those using scooters and other micro mobility modes had their own space. We also installed new road markings at pedestrian crossings and speed cushions at the intersection outside Waterloo Station.

Results from the first trial showed perceptions of safety improved. People have felt safer when using active modes of transport such as cycling to get to school and work. At the Waterloo Station intersection, our data showed drivers slowed down when approaching all pedestrian crossings and were travelling at more consistent speeds.

The feedback from the first trial also showed that the community supports having a separate pathway to provide a safe space for people on bikes, scooters and other micro mobility modes in Knights Road. There were concerns about loss of on-street parking and some aspects of the pathway design. Lots of people wanted a better connection to the beltway cycleway.

The next phase of the trial responds to the feedback and data from the first trial. Installation is scheduled from 18 April and may take until 2 Mayas work is weather dependent.  You can find out more about the trial on our project page.

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