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Who you gonna call?

Well if it’s a smell, a noise or illegally dumped rubbish, it’s our Environmental Health team.

They investigate, inspect and report on all sorts of things to do with the health of our environment. Things like:


We all have to make sure any noise we make is at a reasonable level and doesn’t interfere with other people’s peace. Our team takes into account how loud it is, the time of the day, how consistent it is and
how long it goes for.


Our team checks out any environmental health nuisance – things that might affect your health or your enjoyment of the environment, like ash, dust, fumes, smoke and odours.

Health and Safety

Our team check on public health and safety at lots of places to keep us safe, including:

  • Food and alcohol outlets
  • Camping grounds
  • Hairdressers
  • Amusement parks
  • Funeral homes
  • And businesses that handle things like rubbish and medical waste


If anything’s dumped, our team investigate to see if there’s evidence to prosecute.

Did you know there are 50-70 illegal dumpings a month? And they cost over $100,000 a year to clean up!

If you find dumped rubbish or see anyone littering or dumping, it really helps us if you can tell us when and where, and what was dumped. It’s even better if you’ve got a vehicle registration number or a photo.

If you’d like to know more or report a nuisance, litter dumping or noise, go to or contact us on 04 570 6666

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